BoardGasm is a fast-paced, real-time deck building game for 2 players.  BoardGasm combines elements from Dominion with the pacing and content of a party game. Whether you’re playing with a friend or a partner, this game is sure to please everyone!

Boardgasm was created in Game Design 2 for the Collectable Card Game assignment.  After settling on the sex-theme, we realized that a more traditional CCG structure didn't quite match up with our design goals.   We wanted to create a game that was fun, fast-paced, and played up thematics while being careful to not to design-in assumptions about sex and bodies.  To navigate these, we spent time experimenting with real-time card-game mechanics (namely, Brawl) and various aesthetic styles until we came up with the quirky style pictured above. 

Design Team: Diego Garcia, Toni Pizza, Ilya Zarembsky, Nick Zhang