contemPLAYte: Tiny Games, Airport Edition

Welcome. This is a written-at-5am-while-on-hold-with-United post, so coherence is not guaranteed! I'm trying to get to Colorado from New York (well, at this point, technically NJ) amidst the wintertime weather snafu that's now being called the "Polar Vortex."  Kind of ominous sounding, right? 

Me complaining about travel is nothing anyone wants to hear about, so let's get right to the Tiny Games.  Imagine you're at a busy airport. Everyone's bundled up, wearing coats, plenty of people who are inside are even decked out in scarves, gloves, and hats, too because, you know, Polar Vortex.  Now imagine everyone is in a long line, and the flight has been delayed for the past 2 hours, so people are a little grumpy. (I however was immune to the grumpy because I updated the music on my phone and had this to listen to.)  Anyway, Naomi Clark brilliantly suggested via the twitter that I play Tiny Games, which made the situation infinitely better.

I’m going to use screenshots from the game. They’re unauthorized. Look at them. Buy Tiny Games. Be happy about it.

Loopy Line-up, A game for not feeling awkward at all. 
Found under: In Line -- Long Line -- 1 player 

I was immediately excited about this game because spinners are always fun, and because I was ready to do anything to make standing in-line less blahhh.  The game is simple enough, but apparently the reading level was above me because I mis-read the instructions which led to some emergent gameplay.

After spinning the spinner, I interpreted “Now keep facing in this direction, even as the line moves” as “Now keep facing in the direction of the spinner, even if the spinner moves.” Right. Follow the spinner.  It turns out that when you follow the spinner (which never actually moved after the initial spin to choose a direction...), you end up spinning in circles. So yes, I proceeded to spin around in circles, chasing after the spinner. In public. With people watching. While laughing out loud... Until I finally realized what I was doing and that people were watching. I re-read the rules and played again, minus the spinning, and have to say, the game is MUCH BETTER when you’re spinning. Would be an interesting competition, too, if you have two players spinning simultaneously.

Who Watches the Watchers Watch? An observation game about observing observations.
Found under: In Line -- Long Line -- 1 player  

I was in a different line at this point, a winding line, so I could see plenty of faces without looking like a complete creeper.  My only note on this game is I discovered: “One man, two phones,” who appeared to the ultimate flight re-booker. Points to you, One Man Two Phones.