Different Games Conference

Check out differentgames.org for more info!

Check out differentgames.org for more info!

Different Games is a space for radical discussions of representation in games and the relationship of the medium to designer and player identity. The first conference, organized by Sarah Schoemann and Laine Nooney took place in Spring 2013 at NYU Poly.  

The best solution to pervasive problems with diversity and inclusivity in games, is to increase the diversity of the people making games.
— Samit Sarkar for Polygon

For the 2013 Different Games Conference I worked with Schoemann and Nooney as a Conference Assistant.  I worked on conference fundraising and social media, website maintenance, live-streaming and documentation of talks and panels, as well as general conference tasks.  

Thanks to an NEA Grant, Different Games was awarded funding for 5 artists to create "different games" to showcase and share with the public.  As of spring 2014, Sarah Schoemann and I are working to curate 2-day programming for a smaller symposium of Different Games (coinciding with PAX East to provide an alternative venue for exploring innovation and values in game design).  A second, submission-based conference will take place in Fall 2014.