Introduction to Game Design: Summer 2013, Fall 2013 (with Mark Heggen) 

  • Intro to Game Design is a one-semester course that explores the fundamentals of game design. The focus of the class is the actual creation of several analog games of varying genres.  
  • Students created games in the following categories:
    Game Mods, Abstract Games, Narrative Games, Social Games, Intervention Games, Video Game Pitches
  • Main Responsibilities: Prepare for and help run classroom exercises; run weekly lab-sessions featuring mini-lectures on student selected topics; provide feedback and support for students throughout the design process

Games 101: Spring 2014 (with Charles Pratt)

  • The focus of Games 101 is advanced game literacy- the development of a shared understanding of the history of games, culturally and aesthetically. This class is a broad, introductory survey which covers the full spectrum of digital and non-digital games through lectures, writing, and critical play.
  • Lectures and critical play of: 
    Roots, Sports, Adventure, Action, FPS, Modern Non-Digital, Strategy, Role-Playing, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Simulation, Casual & Social, Independent 
  • Main Responsibilities: Attend weekly lectures with students; facilitate weekly recitation sessions and discussions; engage students in meaningful gameplay and criticism of key games; grade and provide feedback on weekly student essays

Student Work and Classroom Exercises