Kaleidoscope is a single-player puzzle-platformer inspired by the Ray Bradbury story of the same name. Explore small solar systems filled with planets, black holes, and deadly comets. Jump from planet to planet and reunite your stranded crewmembers as they distress over their inevitable, lonely, drawn-out deaths after the explosion of your vessel left your team scattered throughout the system. Leave no crewmember behind. No one dies alone!

"In order to succeed, the player must die. Though this inversion of traditional game goals isn’t necessarily new, it’s uncommon enough to make players contemplate their actions. The lovable astronaut cast puts extra emotional weight on the player’s dark task."
--Team Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope in the wild: 

Kaleidoscope was made for the NYU Game Center's Game Studio 2 course over the course of one semester by:
Aaron Freeman- Lead Coder, Astro-Pal Dialogue
Diego Garcia- Game Art, UI Design, Coder
Toni Pizza- Level Design, Sound Design, Astro-Pal Dialogue, Documentation