Prozac for Breakfast is an interactive text game played on touch screen devices.  Through completely text based, Prozac for Breakfast utilizes game mechanics to construct a narrative through the internal monologue of the creator. The project is an exploration of an identity constantly in flux thanks to anxiety and depression, juxtaposing the mundane with the profound, focusing on and contextualizing moments that shape the self.  The goal for the game is to create a dynamic cross-section of the dark, the humorous, and the places in between.  Follow the game's progress on the Prozac for Breakfast Dev Blog

Playing with the presentation of the text’s size, shape, color, and movement, each level (or chapter) of the game focuses on a specific prescription or treatment regimen.  Mechanics for each level aim to match the side effects or experiences of engaging with that regimen.  For example, one level, Ambien Dreams focuses on Ambien (a popular sleep aid), where user input is unreliable and difficult to follow (both narratively and mechanically). Alternatively, another level about a drug prescribed for anxiety management slows down the movement of text on screen giving the user a sense of control.  Levels are designed to be played in any order, giving each player a different narrative experience and opportunity to explore approaches to emotional healthcare.